Calmness from Within the Gloom

I believe that Joy in life is where you find it.  Sometimes in a smile or a hug from someone you know or a stranger that smiles and nods their head to acknowledge that you exist in this world.

Americans, we  live in very trying times. Our world news is topsy-turvy, while corruption of our leaders is arrogantly being thrown in our faces in disdain.

Are we truly helpless to stop the horrible changes that seem to surround us? I think not.

We are a strong nation made up of many races that are willing to stand tall, that trust in what is good and right and defeat the powers that would destroy us.

The Great Spirit of God and his goodness shall prevail and the evil ones shall fall.


Courage is doing what is right
Without having to be told.
Courage is admitting when
you know you’ve done something wrong.
Courage is looking the enemy in the eye
And telling them to bring it on.
Courage is understanding fear
while still remaining strong.
Courage is facing adversity
yet overcoming the gloom with dawn.